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Posted: September 28, 2010 in Librarianship, Reader's Advisory Lists
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Anyone who’s seen my wall of spreadsheets knows that perhaps I take my hockey pools a tad too seriously.  Over the years I’ve developed a fairly decent methodology for drafting, managing and (mostly) winning my pools.

As with most speculative or odds-based games, intuition and gut-feelings play a major role in the decision-making process.  Sports speculation can be an incredibly information-intensive endeavour.  Players who win typically have to most information, the most accurate information and most timely information when compared to their competitors.  In the spirit of the season, I’ve compiled a bibliography of reliable and up-to-date hockey pool resources that may make or break your fantasy year.

Keep checking back – I’ll be updating and improving this list as the season wears on.  Good luck poolies!

Starting Goalies:

I used to swear by Hockey Informer for all my starting goalie advice, but that site went strangely silent sometime in 2008.  Since then, I’ve used the following resources to fill the void.

*UPDATE* I was just alerted to a bit of controversy regarding exactly where the info on these sites was coming from.  Take a look at this link, then judge for yourself: Caught Stealing Content

Daily Face Off

Fantasy Hockey 911 This site’s only recently been launched, but goalie starter resources are pretty scarce so they help fill an important void.  I really like the line combo page and these guys will be adding more tools as the season presses on.  Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Goalie Post Unlike most of the sites I include, GoaliePost is a for-pay service (a nominal fee of $10/year).  They boast a 97% accuracy rate and offer instant email updates.  When it’s 3 minutes to puck drop and you haven’t set your starters, you’ll thank your lucky stars for their last-minute emails.

Left Wing Lock I have to give major props to these guys.  Their predictions and confirmations are timely, up-to-date and best of all – they’re spot-on accurate.   You gotta love a goalie prediction site can claim 98-99% accuracy!


I typically try to recommend only free resources, but paper ain’t free.  You’ll pay anywhere between $7.99 and $9.99 per mag, but you cannot put a price on the ability to lord sweet victory over people’s heads.

The Fan 590 The Fan 590 is best known for their outstanding sports talk radio shows, but they also crank out a stellar NHL fantasy guide.  The website’s also a great source of expert blogs and sports opinion.

McKeen’s Fantasy Hockey McKeen’s has long been my go-to fantasy guide.  They spend significant time on player analysis and their point and stat predictions are generally accurate.  They made me blow a draft pick on Derrick Brassard on 2008, but other than that I’m pretty confident in their predictive abilities.

The Hockey News Ultimate Fantasy Pool Guide The Hockey News has long been a staple in the magazine racks of Canadian households.  The mag is unfortunately light on the in-depth analysis offered by other guides, but the website is a treasure trove of valuable articles and features.

Sports News & Player Profiles:

Most of these sites offer player profiles and career stats.  You’ll also find daily updates on each player’s performance and injury status.

SportsNet Hockey SportsNet covers all the usual hockey news, with a healthy dose of fantasy analysis and advice thrown in.

The Sports Network Hockey This is my tried and true source of NHL news.  Sign up for hockey news text alerts on your smart phone.

Entertainment and Sports Broadcasting Network Hockey ESPN boasts what are in all likelihood the best fantasy player profiles of the mainstream new sites.

Central Broadcasting System Hockey Check out their Fantasy Hockey section for quick reference charts of daily player totals and injury reports.

Players News Feeds:

These sites are all excellent resources for up-to-the-minute player reports, written with the fantasy player in mind.

RotoWorld Hockey If you only use one site to track player reports please make it this one!  RotoWorld scans the sports sections of all the major North American newspapers and aggregates that data into quick little bites.  They also have a website widget that’s pretty nifty.

Dobber Hockey Dobber has been a force in the fantasy world for years.  A great source of general advice, especially for the newbie.

Spector’s Hockey A great resource for injury, trade and free agent rumours.

  1. Kevin Porter says:

    Dailyfaceoff got caught stealing their content last year.

    • Very interesting. Thanks for posting that link. I’d started using both Daily Face Off and Left Wing Lock last year after Hockey Informer went suddenly silent.

      I’ll leave the link up and let the poolies make up their own minds on this one.

  2. You might want to check out our site as well, daily probables, line combinations and more to come! We’ve just re-launched and have the basic site up for now with the probables, combo’s and forum up and running, but more and more fantasy tools will be added to give any poolie the edge in their pool.

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for dropping me a line. Goalie starter sites are few and far between, so I’m always happy to add another one to my list. The line combo page is a nice addition as well. I’m interested to see what you guys have planned for future enhancements.

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