Shazamfest: Lucky #7 Another Success

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Rock and/or Roll

Another year of Shazamfest, and another big success under the belt of owner and impresario Ziv Pryztyk. For those of you have have never had the pleasure of attending the festival, no number of words are sufficient to describe its level of grooviness. If it had to be summed up in one word, that word would be funkymusicwrestlingfreakshowburlesquecircusskateboardingenvironementalsummerfestival. That is to say, the lineup is as varied as your imagination can conceive. I couldn’t possibly go over every single act in this short space, so I’ll hit the highlights and link to other resources and articles to complete the picture.

Here’s the entire line-up:


The Garlics  In-your-face punk rock.

Les Tribal Roses Tribal fusion dance troupe.

Lack of Sleep  These Montreal-based rockers were the surprise hit of the weekend.

Black Snake Circus Conceptual  performance and contemporary freak show group.

Malajube  Juno award-winning Indie rock. 

Gasoline Straight up rock ‘n’ roll, heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, RATM, SOAD, Beatles, STP, Pink Floyd. 

Bloodshot Bill This rockabilly legend graces the Shazamfest stage for his third consecutive year.

Tente Dj Tent With/Avec PEDRO, Bobby & High-C


The Eastern Townships Laughing Championship and Laugh in with Albert Nerenberg, Laughologist.

Wrestling Show with/avec the ETWA The Eastern Townships Wrestling Association bring the pain.

Skateboard Competition on the Hager Half Pipe.

Dj Don Pedr Funky world beats.

Michelle & Sasha A groovy blend of folk, soul-full blues and reggae.

Dan Fiyah Beats Spreading peace, love, and unity through cool reggae. 

The Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow An assortment of traditional Circus and Sideshow acts, dance, theatre, vaudeville, and burlesque.

Alaclair Ensemble Seven MCs and one DJ.

Capital Tease Ottawa’s premier burlesque troupe.

Dubtribe This legendary group has influenced a generation of electronic music makers and lovers for the last 20 years.

Tente Dj Tent avec/with JAXPRATT (Ottawa) & Bopp (Mtl)


Chahut d’Ruelle A mix of blues-country-folk-punk-roots-experimental music. 

Seahags Old-timey country garage with a honkytonk/grunge edge.

Dirt Cheap Winos Folky-bluegrass tunes with a jug band feel.

David Francey  Widely regarded as one of Quebec’s finest singer/songwriters .


Skateboarding with Mike Townsend the Valoiz Boyz at the Hager Half Pipe. 

-All-day circus workshops with Michael Jensen in the Circus area.

 -Forging workshops with David McDonald.

-Mask making from 10am to 12pm @ the coffee house. For all ages.

-Musical instruments making from 10am until noon @ in the circus area. For 5 to 9 years olds.

-Song writing workshop from 10:30am to 12:30pm @ the Dj Tent. For ages 12 and up.

-Mystical Lantern Making workshop at 4 :30pm @ the Dj Tent.

Articles, Blogs & Stuff:

Dream.Love.Grow An interview with Shazamfest impresario Ziv Pryztyk by the Dream.Love.Grow artists group.

Instead Cinema’s full and complete round-up of all the artists and events.

Other Resources:

In addition to his annual Shazamfest duties, Mr. Pryztyk also runs Checkpoint Charlies Bistro Bar, where many festival regulars can be seen during the off-season.

The Department of Canadian Heritage supports Shazamfest!

Check out Sharon Ep1c, the artist who live painted the events as they occurred.

*Top banner photo courtesy of Claude Dufresne, all other photos courtesy of Shazamfest.


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