Apply now for the Ontario Library Association Discovery Fund

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Librarianship


Libraries constantly strive to improve their services and communities in new and innovative ways. As library budgets continue to shrink, opportunities to explore new ideas are at risk of being cut to preserve more essential services. Limiting the ability to improve and explore new ideas would undermine libraries’ position to continue to be an important and vital part of our communities. OLA recognizes this and proposes the creation of the OLA Discovery Fund, a fund that would allow libraries to apply for small start up money to explore new and innovative ideas.

The OLA Discovery Fund will act as seed money to begin an innovative idea. As the fund is small, it may not fund the entire project but will aid in getting an idea started. Ideas are not limited to innovation in technology – service innovation, building innovation and other new ideas that push libraries forward are eligible for the fund.

Winners of the OLA Discovery Fund will be required to share their stories. Libraries will thrive by sharing both successes and failures and fund recipients will be required to share their findings with the OLA community.

Participation in the OLA Discovery Fund will not exclude a project from being nominated for other OLA award such as the OLITA Award for Technological Innovation or the Larry Moore Challenge Award.

Please visit the OLA Discovery Fund website for all the details:

*All contents above come courtesy of the Ontario Library Association and were originally published here: OLA Discovery Fund 


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