About Me

Why “21st Century Analog Boy”? As enamoured as I am with all of my 21st century digital gadgets (my iPhone, my netbook, Facebook, my NASA-esque wall of computer monitors), I still find great comfort in simpler things. Some of my favourite possessions are decidedly low-tech. There’s something to be said about stripping things down to their raw, component parts. Nothing will ever replace my stove top espresso maker or my twenty-five year old Sony turntable. The more sophisticated the digital world becomes, the greater the need to preserve and archive the things that lead us to where we are.

In my professional life I’m the Planning Librarian, Innovation & Continuous Improvement at the Ottawa Public Library.  I’m a Master’s grad from the Faculty of Information iSchool (University of Toronto) and like to keep close ties to my former classmates (now colleagues) and the school from which we were born.   I also sit as the Co-Executive Director of the not-for-profit group Librarians Without Borders.

In my non-professional life I’m a music geek (go see High Fidelity), Toronto Maple Leafs fan (don’t start), true crime buff, skeptical rationalist, anthropology hobbyist and a heavy non-fiction reader. I have serious addictions to the National Geographic Channel and Starbucks.

My favourite movie is any movie that doesn’t involve Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal or Meg Ryan getting mail, being sleepless anywhere or meeting people named Sally.

What you’ll find here:

  • Library related items such as reader’s advisory lists, genre and subject bibliographies, book/music/film reviews, social issues affecting information access, surveillance and identity, freedom of expression and whatever else rings my bell.

What you won’t find here:

  • Advertising! Of course, I’ll utilize this forum to promote community causes and issues of importance to the library and intellectual community. I hope that people will make good use of the information and share it freely without having to worry about the spectre of commercial motives.

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